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Bus Driver Could be Disciplined After Cyclist Captures Near Miss on Camera

A bus driver from Leicestershire could be disciplined after a cycling accident he almost caused was caught on camera.

The 21-year-old cyclists who does not want to be named, was wearing a headcam when the bus nearly forced him off the road.

In a statement to local press the student said, “I was heading back home along Belvoir Street at lunchtime and the road was narrow and had speed humps.

“The bus came past me and I was forced to swerve to the left and on to the pavement. It was horrible.”

The young man said this was the second time he has nearly been knocked off his bike by a bus.

“I think a lot of buses and other motorists see cyclists as an annoyance,” he said.

“A couple of months ago, I was cycling along De Montfort Street when a bus behind me started honking.”

“There were cars on both sides of the road so there was no way he could squeeze past me safely.”

“Further down the road, he was able to pass me.”

“After he did, he stopped the bus and got out to shout at me for being in the middle of the road.”

Keith Myatt, communications manager for Arriva Midlands was shown the video and said that appropriate action would be taken.

“We are carrying out a thorough investigation into this matter.”

“The driver will be dealt with appropriately through the company conduct procedure,” said Myatt.

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