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Bricklayer to get compensation after life-threatening electric shock

A bricklayer who sustained a life-threatening electric shock has been told that he will receive a substantial compensation payout.

The 50-year-old was building a wall in Weymouth when he came in to contact with a mains cable.

High voltage electricity ran through his body and set the t-shirt he was wearing on fire.

The self-employed builder was working on stables in 2009 when the work accident happened.

He managed to put out the flames himself but was badly burned and was put in to an induced coma after the full extent of his injuries was realised.

Blaming the owner of the stables for the incident, the worker took his case to the High Court with a work accident compensation specialist.

After two full days of arguments, the parties agreed to a settlement on liability issues.

The court heard how the worker had been hired to build food stores for animals. However when the ground was prepared it was lowered considerably, leaving major cables close to the surface.

The builder only hammered a pin in a short distance in to the earth when he was shocked, causing damage to several of his internal organs.

The amount of compensation which he will receive has not yet been decided.

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