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Boy robbed of his childhood after medical staff fail to spot blindness

A diagnosis delay has mean that a boy has slipped through the net and spent most of his childhood being unable to see clearly.

The boys parents said it was heartbreaking when he told them he didn’t think his eyes were supposed to work.  An investigation has revealed that health workers and a family GP failed to diagnose the boys poor eyesight from his birth to 5 years of age and as a result medical tests were delayed.

The boy would sit very close to the television, cry for a bottle when it was in plain site in front of him and struggled with general co-ordination. The parents repeatedly asked medical professionals, including their GP, if something might be wrong but were assured he was fine.
It was only when his parents noticed that he never looked at the camera in photos, on a trip to Disneyland , when he was five, that they thought something was wrong. After taking him to an optician on their return from holiday, he was then referred to an eye specialist.

He was diagnosed with a deteriorating eye condition, hypermetropica amblyopia, a type of extreme short-sightedness, in both of his eyes and has to wear special glasses to aid his sight.
His parents said: “The tests revealed his sight was very poor to the point where he could barely see anything at all.

“We were devastated and could not believe he had gone through so many years of his young life not being able to see properly.

“We feel that he was robbed of his early childhood.”

The compensation will support the boy’s future occupational therapy, optical and physiotherapy costs and extra tuition.

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