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Blackpools Victoria Hospital leaves boy for six hours without treatment after seizure.

Bad news for Victoria Hospital after an angry parent goes public about her recent experience with her son in the hospitals care.

The debacle started when a four year old boy suddenly became ill and had a convulsion at home which meant he stopped breathing briefly. His mother called an ambulance, which arrived promptly, and the ill child was assessed by a triage nurse and admitted into the emergency department.

The mother and son then waited for six hours for someone to come and check up on his status. According to the mother it is alleged that eventually a nurse drew back the curtain and asked if they were waiting to go home!

The mother replied: “I told her we hadn’t even been seen yet.”

This is a particularly worrying incident as the boy had been suffering with numerous conditions such as a chest infection and tonsillitis and suffered a seizure because of his high fever. The hospital was lucky that the childs condition did not deteriorate.

The angry mother said: “They brought the sister in charge to see me and she was saying she didn’t know what to say.

“Anything could have happened to him, and he wasn’t seen or monitored.

“The hospital completely forgot about a child who had been admitted.”

The hospital has agreed to investigate the incident.

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