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Blackpool Victoria Hospital in trouble for leaving a patient stranded outside his home

A daughter has complained to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital after her ill father was left by a taxi outside his house.

The terminally ill patient, who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour and the early stages of dementia, was found by the side of the road in his dressing gown and with no house keys.

The 77 year old had been discharged and allowed to go home after spending 10 days in hospital after suffering a seizure in the shower. Whilst in hospital he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given between three and four weeks to live.

His daughter arranged for him to be transferred to a care home using the hospitals patient transport service, which provides non-emergency ambulance transport to and from hospital. She had organised for him to go to a care home where his 73 year old wife resides for the remainder of his care, but it appears that this did not happen.

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