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A rise in sunbed injuries sparks increase in compensation claims

The legal sector has identified a sudden rise in the number of people claiming they got badly burned using commercial sunbeds.  The problem seems to lie with a lack of comprehensive warning from the sunbed operators that there are risks involved in using their beds.

Sunbed parlour’s have a legal duty of care to assess a customers skin type and recommend a course of tanning and also advise that there is always a risk of burning using their sunbeds.  Parlours should not be allowing overuse or extensive time with the UV rays, especially on young, fair and underexposed skin.

The few cases where customers have actually received serious burns  have led to  out-of-court settlements from between £2,000 to £5,000.

An expert who has conducted studies into the dangers of UV rays in sunbeds,  Professor Harry Moseley, said: “You know from going on the beach what time it takes to burn.

“But if you’re going on a sunbed, you’ve no idea – especially if you’re going on for the first time. So you do need help from the salon operators.”

Th Professor did his research for Cancer Research UK and discovered alarmingly that 90% of tanning salons emit levels that exceed the British and European standards.  He is also a consultant medical physicist at Dundee University.

“Sunbeds are risky – the UV exposure increases your risk of cancer, particularly melanoma. Unfortunately, most people who use sunbeds don’t realise how risky it is.”

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