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£7,000 out-of-court settlement in dental negligence case

A woman has received £7,000 dental negligence compensation in an out-of-court settlement against her dentist, with her case of misaligned teeth called the “most severe” ever seen by a specialist. The patient took legal action against her dentist after he failed to refer her for corrective orthodontic treatment and to address her gum disease.

The victim suffered years of problems with misaligned teeth and severe bleeding of the gum, but was told by her dentist that she would not be eligible for treatment under the NHS as she was over 18. It was only when her jaw went into severe spasm that her GP realised there was something seriously wrong and referred her to a specialist.

When she was seen by the specialist she was told she needed immediate treatment and should have had it years earlier.

“He told me this was the most severe case of misaligned teeth he had ever seen. My top teeth were actually digging into my lower gums, causing the bleeding.

“He also indicated that due to the severity of the condition I would have been entitled to NHS care regardless of my age.” The woman was immediately booked in to have her wisdom teeth removed and it took five years to put everything right. After the initial tooth extraction and bone graft, she underwent an intensive course of gum disease treatment to make sure she did not suffer any tooth or bone loss.

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