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6 places that can cause personal injury accidents

When you think of accidents and personal injury claims, terrible car crashes, or people falling off ladders may spring to mind.

However, the truth of the matter is that by their very nature, accidents can occur anywhere at any time.

We’ve put together a list of 6 places where personal injuries are more common than you might think.

GP surgery

You might think that your GP surgery is one of the safest places you could be, given that a medical practitioner is mere feet away from you.

You may even be there to see your GP for another personal injury, however personal injuries can still occur at your surgery.

Many surgeries have steps that can cause problems, as well as icy car parks during the winter months.

Renovated homes

Newly renovated homes or homes where construction is underway can cause a host of potential personal injury scenarios.

Tools and wires are often left unattended and can cause trip hazards or worse.

Negligence can also be an issue if you’re unlucky enough to hire a tradesman who doesn’t take the necessary precautions while they work, for example leaving exposed wires whilst they go to find a light fitting.

Night clubs

Night clubs are meant to be where you get the party started, not a scene of your personal injury.

Unfortunately, they are ripe for an accident to occur.

Drinks are forever being spilt, causing the floor to resemble an ice rink, there are a variety of objects such as speakers and lighting rigs hanging overhead that could fall, and the concoction of loud music, alcohol and bravado sadly can often lead to assault and ultimately personal injury.

Beauty salons

Even though beauty salons are designed to help people look their best, they can sometimes have the complete opposite effect.

Wires are everywhere, whether it be from hair dryers or clippers, they can be the cause of trips, so make sure you look out for them.

Scalded scalps from negligent use of bleach on your hair is another cause for concern, as well as waxing without testing your skin first.


Usually the scene of relaxation and an opportunity for you to enjoy a well-earned break, hotels can sometimes become defendants in a personal injury claim.

Common injuries that can be claimed for include scalding from overheated water or towel rails, falls due to over polished floors and food poisoning from badly prepared food.

Sports pitches

Astroturf is meant to ensure that games can go ahead no matter how poor the weather conditions may be.

However, when they are poorly maintained they can cause trips and falls that can result in fractured or broken bones, not to mention the risk that comes with the sports that are being played on them.

Whether you have been injured in any of the places we have just mentioned, or if you have been injured elsewhere and believe that the cause of the accident wasn’t your fault, we can help.

Our personal injury solicitors have wide ranging experience and an excellent track record for settling personal injury claims.

As well as undertaking personal injury compensation claims, we also work with relevant ancillary professions to ensure our clients obtain the correct rehabilitation, from short-term physiotherapy in less serious injuries right through to injury claims for surgery and prolonged therapies, in cases of serious and long-term injuries.

In order to establish your specific circumstances and review your case, we offer a free initial interview.

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