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£20,000 compensation given for ill advised dentistry

A dental patient has received £20,000 compensation after successfully suing 2 dentists for poor dental implant treatment.

The patient, who is 67, decided he wanted to have dental treatment done so he could look his best for his daughter’s wedding but, what should have been a routine treatment, turned out to be an ordeal.

He said: “They quoted £25,000 for the entire plan and I will admit that I was shocked at how expensive it was, but they seemed to really know their stuff and assured me it was all necessary, so I went ahead with it.

“I looked the bee’s knees at my daughter’s wedding but soon realised I’d made a big mistake. Things went downhill very fast . They looked great at the wedding, after that they started falling apart. It was an absolute nightmare.”

He received his treatment from the West Hull Dental centre. His treatment included a new bridge for his upper teeth supported by ten dental implants, veneers on six lower teeth, two implants in his lower jaw and a bridge to fix gaps in his lower teeth.

The reality was that this extensive treatment should not have been recommended as it transpires that the patient had evidence of bone loss which is a clear sign of gum disease. By failing to take his condition into consideration it meant the treatment was ill advised and has now resulted in him having his false teeth attached to a plate which makes eating and talking very difficult.

He said: “It’s embarrassing. I can’t eat a lot. When I do, they fall out.”

Competent dentists always consider patients existing oral health before recommending treatment and it is clear that this was not done on this occasion.

The victim’s solicitor, said: “The poor state of Mr Peak’s oral health was obvious from the outset, but both dentists failed to use their professional judgement when treating him. They should have known this ambitious treatment would fail.”

Mr Peak said: “Implants aren’t cheap and to know that I shouldn’t have had them in the first place is devastating. I trusted them completely and they exploited the faith I had in them. I’m glad my case has now been settled so I can put that chapter of my life behind me.”

The victim is still suffering problems five years after his initial treatment.  If you think you have received poor care from your dental practice either now or in the past then please contact our specialist solicitors for an informal chat to review your specific circumstances and assess the viability of your dental negligence compensation claim. After this, the majority of claims are dealt with on a no win – no fee basis.

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