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£15 million settlement for boy with misdiagnosed meningitis

Parents of a severely disabled child have been successful in their clinical negligence compensation case.  The child, who is now 9 years old, was very poorly as a six week old baby and his parents called the out-of-hours clinic when he developed a high temperature and had a seizure.

The GP advised them to give him Calpol as it may be down to a fit of temper. They were not advised to examine their son’s body for signs a rash or discomfort to bright lights.

The baby was then seen again the following day by a different GP at an out-of-hours walk-in centre and the parents were sent home without his temperature being taken, advised he would be ok.

Knowing something was definitely wrong, the parents of the sick baby then went to the Hospital the following day where he was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis – a form of bacterial meningitis and told he had ½ hour to live!

The father said, “We were told when he was admitted to hospital that he had 30 minutes to live, it was terrifying.

“We were told they were going to take him off the life support machine, but they did not know what capability he had,

“If he had lost his reflux — the ability to cough and clear his throat — then he would die.”

Failure to diagnose the baby early resulted in the child being rushed to a specialist London hospital and spending four days in intensive care. He suffered extensive brain damage including cerebral palsy and is also confined to a wheelchair as a result of suffering quadriplegia. He needs 24 hour care and although he is now 9 years old is can’t communicate and is learning to communicate with an “eye gaze” computer.

The compensation will support the victim and his family to ensure he gets the care he needs for the rest of his life.

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