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Cyclist ‘feels lucky to be alive’ after cycle accident left him with a brain injury

A Gwynedd cyclist was left with a broken collarbone and  a blood clot on the brain after being involved in an accident with a car on a busy A road.  The cyclist was completing a 90km trip with a group of cyclists at the time, when he was knocked off his bike on the top of a hill at approximately 8pm.

The 59 year old, keen cyclist doesn’t remember much about the accident:

“It’s all a blank. I remember riding past the Kent Mountain Centre and hearing young children laughing outside.

“I recall getting to the top of the hill just afterwards, and that’s it.”

Police and ambulance services responded quickly and he was airlifted to the nearest hospital for assessment.  A CT scan revealed a bleed on the brain and he was then transferred to a specialist hospital which can deal with brain injuries of this type.

He said, “I have damaged my hearing and there’s still a blood clot on my brain.

“Thankfully, the clot is stable now and hasn’t grown any further, so the neurosurgeon will make a decision soon and hopefully let me go home

The cyclist also fractured his collarbone which is very painful and will take time to heal.

“My collarbone is also fractured and will take four to six weeks to heal.

“Occupational Health here in Stoke have told me a serious brain injury means I can’t drive for at least six weeks and I mustn’t stress myself, so no work for six weeks either.

“I’m feeling really tired all the time and have quite a bad headache.

“But I also feel lucky to be alive.”

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “The driver of the car, an elderly man, was also taken to hospital with non-serious injuries.”


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