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£7k dental compensation for patient after dentist failed to identify and treat tooth decay

A patient who suffered painful toothache over a prolonged period of time and endured numerous visits to the dentist, is to receive £7k in dental compensation.

The man claimed that his chronic tooth decay was not spotted over a two year period during which he visited his dentist regularly.  The issues began in 2012 when the patient was experiencing tooth ache.  He had recently had two fillings in the previous six months and now his dentist suggested an inlay to help solve the problem with the ache.  He spent the next two years going in and out of the dentist to try and resolve the pain.

After becoming frustrated, the patient visited another dentist for a second opinion and was shocked with their diagnosis.  He had an X-ray and it was obvious to the new dentist what the problem had been.  The X-ray showed that his fillings had been put over decaying teeth and had continued to decay causing the tooth to become week and break the filling.  He had such bad decay in another tooth that it needed to be extracted.

In 2015, after some corrective treatment  from his new dentist, he decided to take the matter further and seek compensation for the pain he suffered and loss of teeth as a result of his dentist fitting fillings over decaying teeth.  He received dental compensation of £7,000.

He said, “I’d been a patient of Dr ……… for nearly two years and I always believed I was in good hands,

“Even when my filling broke in 2014, I wasn’t particularly worried, I just thought it was a one-off. I made an appointment and trusted she would fix it.”

“All the time and money I’d spent on appointments with Dr …….. had been pointless. Thankfully my new dentist quickly discovered what was wrong, but it never should have come to this and I shouldn’t be losing a tooth. It’s all because Dr ………. didn’t do her job properly. I’m paranoid whenever I go to the dentist now.”

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