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£17k dental compensation for woman who had three teeth extracted

A woman who lost three teeth after her dentist failed to treat tooth decay effectively, has received a £17k payout from her dentist.

The 35 year old visited her dentist regularly for check ups between 2009 and 2014 and had been with the same dentist for some time.  The woman’s dental problems began in 2012 when her dentist identified the need to give her two fillings which was then carried out.  Shortly after the treatment, the patient began to experience pain and swelling in another tooth and when she went back to the dentist, she was prescribed antibiotics for an infection.

The woman continued to have dental problems over the next year when he she suffered from severe toothache and considerable swelling to one side of her face.  More antibiotics were prescribed but this made no difference.

The patient said:  “I was really worried that despite taking the antibiotics, the pain and swelling kept getting worse,”

“It reached the point where I could barely open my mouth because it was so painful.

“So I made yet another appointment with Dr ……”

On her return to the dental clinic, she was advised by her dentist that a tooth needed extracting as it has caused her wisdom teeth to become impacted which effected the other teeth causing further problems.  The procedure needed to be carried out by a hospital surgeon and it was only when her surgeon saw her mouth that the patient became aware of how bad her teeth decay had become.

She claimed: “The hospital surgeons couldn’t believe the state of my teeth.

“They said I needed immediate treatment.

“I was devastated to discover that not one, but three of my teeth needed to be extracted.”

Following the hospital treatment, the patient sought legal advice and settled out of court with a settlement of £17,000.  The dentist declined negligence.

Most of the time you can trust your dentist to give you good quality care but on occasion, things go wrong and you need specialist advice. At Thorneycroft Solicitors we have specialist solicitors who have experience dealing with dental compensation if a dentist or dental practitioner has caused you necessary pain and discomfort.

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