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Waddingham v NHS Business Services Authority

During a redundancy process, Mr Waddingham was diagnosed with cancer. This meant that he was disabled for employment law purposes, imposing additional obligations on his employer – including the duty to make reasonable adjustments.

He was interviewed for a new role within the NHS. But he didn’t hit the required 75% competency level and so wasn’t appointed. He claimed disability discrimination, and won; he had been put at a substantial disadvantage. 

A new guide has been published to help employers deal properly with transgender staff. It’s all about creating a more inclusive culture.

A tax tribunal has quashed a £5,000 fine for an undeclared income error on a deceased estate calculation.   The case came about after two executors failed to declare the correct income received in the deceased person’s final year of life between 6 April 2012 and his death on the 15 Oct 2012. 

We live in a society now where image matters more and more.  The very fact that selfie sticks even exist should highlight the fact that we are increasingly becoming a nation obsessed with our looks. 

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